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7 Day Detox Juice Fasting Diet

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Complete 7 Day Detox & Weight loss Retreat for Optimal Weight, Health and Wellbeing
What can you expect to gain?

  • Pure relaxation in 5 star Devon countryside Detox: pool, sauna, quiet nature on your doorstep
  • Detoxify and Lose weight: between 7 lbs and 2 stone with Juice fasting diet and Colonic irrigation The colonics are reccomended and optional - your choice!
  • Reduce toxic chronic symptoms, including IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), candida, allergies, skin disorders, back pain and more
  • Relax into a new understanding of your body. Learn to trust, love and support your body with your food.
  • Learn to Meditate to regain presence, calm, joy and kindness in the midst of your busy life..
  • Free individual Heart-Mind Detox Session
  • or Massage Therapy .
  • Massage Therapies: Deep tissue massage, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Chakra Reading, Reiki, Acupuncture, Double Detox
  • Stretch, breath deeply and cleanse in daily Detox Yoga class
  • Understand how to feed yourself for life, energy and health: Daily inspirational nutrition and lifestyle guidance, superfood introduction and a live food gourmet feast to end your fast.

You can start to change the rest of your life now.

Darcy Hill Darcy Hill,

"I lost 10lbs on retreat, then one stone after, by following your guidelines. My mind-body is more aware of the joy and opportunities around me every day."

Jackie Smith Jackie

"I came just before commencing IVF and am happy to say I was pregnant two months later on my first IVF attempt. I've no doubt this detox really helped."

Wendy Smith Wendy Smith,

"A complete catharsis, cleansing mind, body and spirit. I see it as the '3 Michelan Star' Retreat! I recommend it and will certainly come back"

In the media: Elle & Daily Telegraph 'New Year, New You... Detoxing in Devon' highly reccomends Karuna Detox Retreat.
Next Detox availabilities: October 10-17, 2014 Click for all other dates
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With Juice Fasting, Massage , Colonics, Yoga and Meditation, this week is different to the many detox and weight loss products available. It is the 'real thing'. Our expert staff support you as you relax, detox body & mind and our daily talk on health, detox & weight loss nutrition guides you to naturally regain & retain optimal weight.

What do Karuna Detox clients say about us and our retreat?

"A natural way to lose weight that finally taught me to love and care for my body!"
Tina, Jan. 2009

"I learned to break habits, detox and live healthy. I feel fabulous!"
Ian, Jan. 2008

"I lost 12 pounds and 12.5 inches! I feel better, calmer and stronger than I have in years." Tanya Nov. 2008
Tanya Nov. 2008

"I lost about a stone. I feel fantastic. I am very excited about my future healthy life and intend to enjoy every day of it!"
Chris, Feb. 2008

Angela Stokes, international raw speaker and former Karuna Detox faster, has topped the CNN health and google charts following her CNN interview describing her path of health and losing more than half her body weight naturally- using raw food, colonics and many other of the techniques we teach on our retreats!

As 'Karuna' means compassion in Sanskrit, these are detox retreats with a heart. We care for your future as we care for our own. We thank YOU for visiting, please bookmark our detox retreat to visit us again.

We look forward to meeting you,
Sho & The Karuna Detox Team
UK's leading Holistic Detox Retreat

My skin is clearer
than ever and
I lost 10 lbs!

Average percentage of Bodyweight lost is

Average weight loss is
4.3 kg (9.5 lbs)

Maximum weight loss we have seen in a week is
33 lbs (2 st 5 lbs)

Last retreat Maximum loss was
18 lbs

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